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We Are The Aerodynamic Fitness Team!

Welcome to Aerodynamic Fitness, we are a fun group that believes that everyone needs to live an active and healthy lifestyle. There is no one way that we all should live, as long as we are living a good life and enjoying the journey along the way, then thats all that matters!

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Who We Are

From our backgrounds in collegiate and professional sports, we have developed our own training philosophies that have helped many people achieve their personal fitness and athletic goals.

Overall Athletic Development 96%
Strength/Agility/Explosiveness 100%
Weight Loss 100%
Group Trainings 90%
General Fitness 94%
mentoring 67%

Key Features

We listen to you and your goals to formulate a plan that fits your needs!


We like to incorporate outdoor elements to shock your system and liven up your training. Beaches, parks, hills, and pool sessions will all be part of your plan!


In a different state but want our help developing your training? Get in touch with us to see how our digital training plans and video feedback can help you get to where you want to be!


Let us know what sport you play so that we can improve your game!


On a tight schedule? We will travel to you and make the most out of your session!

Facts and Achievements

National championships and All-American statuses are prevalent not only through the training staff but also the athletes that we have been blessed to work with.

NCAA National Championships

2 NCAA National Titles and over 12 All-American achievement awards across the board.

American Ninja Warrior Qualifier

Experience training for the grueling TV show “American Ninja Warrior.”

International Experience

We’ve traveled all over the globe to compete/train in professional sports.

Meet The Team!

Jonas Elusme

Track and Field/Basketball/Power/Strength/Explosive Specialist

Using weights, plyometric drills, and speed drills, Jonas trains you in a manner where you are able to gain the strength, power, and explosiveness while increasing your mobility and speed.


Emmanuel Tiluscar

Basketball/Football/Agility/Endurance Specialist 

Being fundamentally sound and technical, Emmanuel uses his attention to detail to improve skill and emphasizes on setting a strong foundation in his training methods.


Bryan Jasmin

Track and Field/Football/Speed/Mobility/Endurance Specialist

Bryan incorporates power and endurance based workouts to help enhance speed, mobility, and strength.


Join us now, to start training with a team of professionals!

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Pricing for Everybody

We offer the best pricing packages that you’ll find throughout the entire county!

1 Day/Week

Basic level training 
$ 25 / Session

1-Hour Training Session
Cardio Workouts
Trainings in Gym

3 Days/Week

Intermediate level training 
$ 22 / Session
(Save 15%)

1 Hour training session
Beach workouts
Cardio Workout
Trainings in Gym

12-15 Days/Month

Pro Plan 
$ 20 / Session
(Save 20%)

1 Hour training session
Meal plan
Personal stretching
Cardio workout
Trainings in gym

  • After two years of training with ad fit I have become a completely new person.  My confidence in my physique and my athletic ability have increased beyond what I ever thought was possible.  Their programs are truly cutting edge, and it was amazing how fast I was able to see results.  Lastly, it is very obvious that the ad fit team values each client on a personal level, all while promoting their overall physical development.

    Wes Fritz
    Two time OAC champion and Academic All- American

  • AD Fit elevated my physical aptitude to a level I had never experienced before. The way the training catered to my track events helped guide me through a long indoor and outdoor track season while also leaving me fresh and prepared to reach new distances at the all-important conference meet at the end of it all.

    Kev Thompson

    All conference athlete

  • I am so glad I reached out to the Aerodynamic Fitness staff to help formulate this season’s workout plan for my track and field athletes. They all have improved tremendously based off of their training plans.

    Joseph Yoder
    Head track and field coach HU

Gym partners

We partner with some of the most talented people in the fitness industry!

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It’s time to challenge yourself and start training with the pros!

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